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Workshop on “profit from breeding cows” on May 10, 2016

26/05/2023 | 3:14

On May 10, 2016, at Sofitel Plaza Hanoi, a seminar on "Profits from breeding cows" was held by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Australian Embassy in Hanoi. Live Cattle Association, Australian Cattle and Meat Association jointly organized.

In recent times, the rapid development of the livestock production system as well as the impact of foreign factors have made the face of Vietnam's livestock industry change rapidly. In this context, Vietnam and Australia have jointly committed to create a sustainable development for the livestock industry not only to ensure food security but also to improve production capacity.

Thereby, this seminar is one of the cooperation seminars between the Australian government, the Vietnamese government and members of the industry with the aim of providing maximum support to the development of the beef industry. in Viet Nam.

Deputy Minister Vu Van Tam speaking at HT

At the workshop, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Vu Van Tam said that there is a relatively large difference between Vietnam's beef consumption structure compared to other developed countries. According to statistics, currently pork consumption in our country accounts for over 60%, chicken is 20%, beef is 7%. It is expected that by 2020, the proportion of beef will increase to 12%. However, based on the current situation, the growth rate and beef consumption in Vietnam will change rapidly.

It is known that in recent years, Vietnam's beef demand has increased rapidly, domestic production has not met the demand. Therefore, Vietnam had to import beef from a number of countries such as Australia, the US... However, in the face of the above situation, Deputy Minister Vu Van Tam expressed concern and said that if he kept importing beef and beef, Milk is not sustainable. Therefore, Vietnam needs to actively develop beef and dairy cows, accelerate restructuring in livestock, and plan land fund for large cattle raising... to meet domestic demand.

Before the above reality of Vietnam's livestock industry, especially beef and dairy cattle, at the seminar, Mr. Michael Patching, Australian Meat and Cattle Association said that in the past 3 years, with the aim of supporting To maximize the development of the beef industry in Vietnam, Australia's investment in Vietnam's beef industry has grown strongly, not only in cattle exports but also through direct and indirect investment. In addition, Australia also always supports and wishes to develop other aspects of the beef cattle value chain including including beef cattle value chain. both breeding, reproduction, as well as food hygiene and safety... towards the purpose of long-term, sustainable and profitable development.

Mr. Tong Xuan Chinh, Deputy Director of the Department of Livestock Production, provided the workshop with the priority orientation of the cattle breeding programs, focusing on the productivity, efficiency and genetic reforms of the Vietnamese government. . Attending the seminar were also many experts from associations and businesses from Australia such as: Mr. Simon with the topic Reproductive technology - application of technology in the reproduction of cows, Ms. Bronte Sutton with the topic: Evaluation of favorable reproductive condition of cows…

In particular, the Central Large Cattle Breeding Center participated in the workshop with the representative of the Center's Deputy Director - Dr. Pham Van Tiem with the topic: "Frozen sperm technology in Vietnam". Dr. Tiem said that in order to develop dairy cows and beef cattle, it is necessary to strengthen investment policies of dairy and beef breeds, expand policies to support domestic artificial cow breeding, and at the same time strengthen incentive policies for beef and dairy farms and cooperative models in animal husbandry; strengthen policies to support investment in the application of high technology in the beef and dairy cattle industries.

Dr. Pham Van Tiem presented at the Workshop

Besides, it is necessary to accelerate the restructuring of the livestock industry; planning the land fund for concentrated cattle raising, expanding land lease contracts; tax incentives for organizations and individuals operating in the livestock industry in general and beef and dairy cattle in particular. In addition, increase the import of high-yielding bulls and dairy cows from advanced countries in the world; Continue to improve production of beef cattle and dairy cows in both purebred and crossbred directions. Increasing pressure on seed selection from the central to local levels.

Especially with high-yielding, international-class purebred foreign cows with breeds: Bradman, Red Angus, Drought Master, HF... and frozen semen products branded VINALICA of the Central Large Cattle Breeding Center, with Good quality, competitive price, supplying to 63 provinces and cities nationwide. The Central Large Cattle Breeding Center makes a practical contribution to the improvement of Vietnam's national cattle herd.

Dr. Pham Van Tiem also noted the strengthening of cooperation between the four parties (the state, scientists, businesses and farmers), and at the same time it is necessary to ensure the interests of farmers, processing enterprises and consumers. use; increase research capacity, market information and production-oriented forecasting..

The seminar ended at 13:00 on the same day, opening up a lot of in-depth knowledge to be shared in cow breeding and many opportunities for cooperation between domestic and foreign individuals and organizations as well as many positive suggestions. in the policies of the Vietnamese government and the Australian government.