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Closing the new training class to distribute artificial breeds of buffaloes and cows, course I/2016

26/05/2023 | 3:03

Photo: 15 students of the new training course on AI techniques, course I / 2016

The class “New training in cattle and buffalo farming techniques, course I/2016” from March 18 to April 7, 2016 through 21 days of continuous teaching and learning including Saturdays and Sundays at the Crystal Storage and Supply Station. Cattle breed – Tu Son, Bac Ninh has successfully completed the training program so far.

On April 6, 2016 at the Cattle semen storage and supply station - Tu Son, Bac Ninh, the Center held the closing ceremony of the class "New training in cattle breeding techniques, course I/2016".

Attending the closing ceremony were:

Leaders of the Central Large Cattle Breeding Center:

Dr: Le Van Thong – Center Director
Pham Van Tiem – Deputy Director of the Center. – Head of Management Board
Mr. Luong Duy Tue - Former Deputy Director. Center

Especially, there is Mr. Nguyen Quoc Tuan - Deputy Director. Center  representative of leaders of Yen Bai Animal Breeding Center directly attended the closing ceremony.

Along with the heads of departments in the Center, the classroom management and all the students of the course.

At the closing ceremony of the class, Dr. Pham Van Tiem - Vice Director of the Center - Head of the classroom management department made a report to summarize the class. The Deputy Director said: with a team of lecturers with qualifications: PhDs, Masters, Industrial Engineers who have worked in seed and AI for many years, rich in experience, enthusiasm and enthusiasm in teaching, communicating, etc. With the efforts, hard work and learning of all students, the course has achieved very successful results. In theory, the trainees were fully equipped with knowledge about breeding and artificial insemination; knowledge of reproductive physiology of buffaloes and cows; technical process of artificial insemination; treatments for common reproductive diseases… Parallel to the theoretical study, the trainees are arranged to practice directly on the pelvis with the uterus; frozen beef semen, AI equipment; cows in heat, cows pregnant...

To evaluate the learning results of each student at the end of the course, the Center held a theory and practice exam: 100% of students successfully completed the course. During the learning period, the Center arranged accommodation, ensuring security and order, and created a playground for sports, culture and art for the students.

After Dr. Pham Van Tiem reported the results of the class summary, Dr. Le Van Thong - Director of the Center gave the closing speech, followed by Mr. Nguyen Quoc Tuan - Deputy Director of Yen Bai Animal Breeding Center, Mr. Luong Duy Tue - Former Deputy Director of the Center and Mr. Nhu Van Hanh - class president. Techniques of artificial insemination, course I/2016, in turn contributed their opinions. Next, Director Le Van Thong, Deputy General Director Pham Van Tiem and Mr. Nguyen Quoc Tuan presented graduation certificates to all students and gifts to reward excellent students. To respect and remember the dedication and enthusiasm of the teaching staff as well as the attention of the Center's leadership. Students of Course 1 of AI class also had a gift to send to the Center, Dr. Pham Van Tiem and Mr. Luong Anh Dung on behalf of the Center received gifts and thanked the students.

Photo: GDTT awarded certificates to excellent students

Photo: The Vice President gives certificates to excellent students

Photo: GDTT gives gifts to excellent students

Photo: Students give gifts to celebrate the center

The closing ceremony took place in the joyful atmosphere of the students and the Class Management Board. The Central Large Cattle Breeding Center promises to organize more useful courses so that it can contribute to building a sustainable development of Vietnam's cattle and buffalo artificial insemination system!