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National Congress of Vietnam Large Cattle Breeding Association for the term 2022-2027: Contributing to the sustainable development of Vietnam’s large cattle breeding industry

01/02/2023 | 11:22

In the morning of June 18, 2022, at the Vietnam Academy of Agriculture (Trau Quy - Gia Lam - Hanoi), the Vietnam Large Cattle Breeding Association successfully organized the Congress of Delegates nationwide for the term 2022-2027. The congress elected: 45 delegates to the Executive Committee, 15 delegates to the Standing Committee, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Kim Giao continues to hold the position of Chairman, and Dr. Le Van Thong holds the position of Vice President cum General Secretary and 05 Vice Presidents are: Dr. Tong Xuan Chinh, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Su Thanh Long, Ms. To Tue Lang, Mr. Dang Thai Nhi, Mr. Ha Van An.

Delegates attending the Congress salute the flag

Participating in the Congress were representatives: Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Science and Technology; Vietnam Academy of Agriculture; Vietnam Livestock Association, Vietnam Poultry Breeding Association, Association of Veterinary Medicine Manufacturers and Traders, Vietnam Dairy Association; with businesses, scientists, media…

At the congress, the delegates agreed with 100%: Summary report on activities of Vietnam Large Cattle Breeding Association for the second term (2015-2021), operational direction for the third term (2022) -2027), amending and supplementing the Charter of the Vietnam Large Cattle Breeding Association for the third term (2022-2027).

Pros. Dr. Hoang Kim Giao, Chairman of the Association of Large Cattle Breeders, called on all member units of the Association, under the leadership of the Executive Committee and Standing Committee of the Association, to promote the achievements of the Association. has been achieved in the past years, united, united, determined to strive to successfully implement the Resolution of the Congress of the Delegates of the Vietnam Large Cattle Breeding Association, term III (2022-2027) and contribute to the development of Sustainable large livestock farming industry in Vietnam.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Kim Giao – Chairman of Vietnam Large Cattle Breeding Association

Important contribution to the development of Vietnam's large livestock industry

General Assembly

Vietnam's large cattle breeding industry in recent years has made strong development steps. In 2021, the total herd of cows: 6.5 million heads, an average growth of 3.34%/year (in the period 2015-2021), of which the dairy cows are 3.77%. By December 31, 2021, the dairy herd reached 375 thousand heads, an increase of 13.17% over the same period in 2020. Fresh milk production: 1.15 million tons, an increase of 10%. The herd of Goats and Sheep developed well, reaching 2.85 million heads. Buffalo herd is stable, reaching over 2.3 million heads. Hybrid cows were developed in many localities with combinations of 2 blood, 3 blood, 4 blood; using high technology in the development of breeding stock; planting grass, creating a source of fodder for herbivorous cattle has become the consciousness of farmers; TMR feed has been used in almost all large and medium scale livestock farms; livestock production according to the circular economy has been applied by many farms…

Contributing to the achievements of grazing cattle, it is worth mentioning the great role of the Vietnam Large Cattle Breeding Association. In the report, Dr. Le Van Thong, Vice President and Secretary General of Hiep Hiep According to the association, in the second term, the Association has admitted 07 new members and up to now, the Vietnam Large Cattle Breeding Association has 87 members (including 78 collective members and 09 individual members). core). The Association currently has an official website: The Association's Executive Committee consists of 90 members, the Standing Committee is 19 members, and the Inspection Committee is 03 members.

Dr. Le Van Thong- Vice President and General Secretary of the Vietnam Large Cattle Breeding Association reported on the summary of the second term (2015-2021) and the direction of activities for the third term (2022- 2027); Report on the review of the work of the Executive Committee of the Vietnam Large Cattle Breeding Association

Dr. Le Van Thong affirmed that  organizing a seminar is the most outstanding and typical activity of the Association in the last term. The association has organized 12 seminars with units such as Minh Vi Advertising and Exhibition Services One Member Company Limited, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Su Thanh Long, Vietnam Advertising and Exhibition Fair Joint Stock Company ( Vietfair) and Vietnam Dairy Association, Central Highlands Congress, Department of Foreign Products of Vietnam Agricultural Academy, Representative Office of UBM Asia in Ho Chi Minh City (Organization of Vietstock Fairs and Exhibitions), Institute Dairy Cow Research – TH True Milk Company, APDC Company and Ba Vi Cattle and Grassland Research Center…A total of nearly 2,000 delegates attended and nearly 160 presentations at conferences.< /p>

The workshops have assessed the current situation of large cattle raising in Vietnam in recent years. Opportunities and challenges in large livestock production in Vietnam. Outline the main technologies and solutions to develop large cattle breeding in Vietnam in the coming time. Localities, units, and farms find the right direction, technology and solutions for their localities, units and farms. Create vertical and horizontal chain links to help large livestock grow efficiently and sustainably. Create links between the Association and (Agriculture Management Authority, scientists, research institutes, universities, enterprises, farms, associations, associations...) to contribute to the development of the association. develop Vietnam's large livestock industry and enhance the position of domestic and international associations.

Along with that, the Association has actively participated in consulting activities for a number of provinces, units and farms on large cattle breeding. Especially advising the provinces of Lam Dong, Gia Lai, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Thai Binh, Lao Cai, etc. on effective cattle, goat and sheep raising. As for TH Milk Company, the association has consulted in the application of high technology in embryo transfer technology and TH True milk has done it with high success.

The Association participated in the 10-year summary assessment of the implementation of the Livestock Development Strategy to 2020; formulating the Law on Livestock; formulating a strategy for livestock development in the period of 2020-2030 and a vision to 2045.

Along with that, the Association has made many comments on drafts and documents of the Government, ministries, branches, VCCI, and provinces and cities; consulting and social criticism on hot issues of society; members of the Association have participated in the transfer of scientific and technical advances into production.

Besides, the Association also strengthens the development of branches and members and protects the legitimate and legitimate interests of organizations affiliated to the association and its members...

Also according to Dr. Le Van Thong's assessment, the Association has completed quite well the goals, tasks and plans of the Association; has strictly implemented the provisions of the Law related to the organization and operation of the Association and the Association's charter; in accordance with the purposes and tasks of the Association's activities, ensuring compliance with the law, contributing to the well implementation of national security, social order, morality, fine customs and traditions, national rights, rights and legitimate interests of individuals and organizations.

The Association always pays attention to the organization, development in quantity and quality assurance of its members. Good domestic and foreign relations, international cooperation. Therefore, the position and prestige of the Association are constantly being enhanced.

However, every year the Association's member units pay very little, insignificant and incomplete membership fees, so the Association's finances face many difficulties. The activities of the Association's Committees are not strong and uneven. The support link between the members is still weak. The connection with the activities of other Associations and Associations is still loose and intermittent.

The Presidium of the General Assembly

Trust that the Large Cattle Breeding Association will grow stronger

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai – Senior Specialist Department of NGOs, Ministry of Home Affairs

Speaking at the Congress, Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai – Senior Specialist of the Department of NGOs, Ministry of Home Affairs highly appreciated the results of the Association in the last term. Although the past two years have had many difficulties due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the Association has organized many specialized seminars, disseminating knowledge for breeders; attracts many businesses in the field of membership and is a reliable bridge between businesses, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and related units. “In the coming time, the Ministry of Home Affairs will create the best possible conditions for the Association to develop. I believe that, in the new term, the Board of Directors and all members of the Association with high determination and orientation to unite and unite activities will thrive and reap more achievements," Ms. Nguyen Tuyet Mai emphasized.

Mr. Tong Xuan Chinh, Deputy Director of the Department of Livestock Production

On behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Tong Xuan Chinh, Deputy Director of the Department of Livestock Production, said that the livestock industry has grown by 5-6% in recent years, ensuring food security and nutrition. care for nearly 100 million people and tourists. It is an extremely important task, so that Vietnamese consumers can have access to domestic protein, meat, eggs and dairy products; including the role of associations and associations in the livestock industry in general and the large cattle breeding association in particular. The activities of the Vietnam Large Cattle Breeding Association are closely linked with grass-fed cattle, creating jobs for millions of farmer households, taking advantage of the green forage system and large by-product system, helping to save grain.

“We congratulate and appreciate the Association's efforts in the difficult context, completing the resolution of the second term. The Standing Committee, the Standing Board were flexible in operating activities, maintaining and protecting the interests of members; actively develop policies, organize seminars, and put techniques into production. The potential for the development of herbivores is still great. It is calculated that the protein of grass-fed cattle in Vietnam only accounts for 7.79%, compared to the world is still very low, 28.7%… Hopefully the new term, with the direction of the Association and the new Executive Committee, will continue. continue to protect the rights and obligations with members, creating a new development step of the herb-grazing industry in a period of many changes, especially in technology", affirmed Dr. Tong Xuan Chinh.

Dr. Nguyen Thanh Son – Chairman of Vietnam Poultry Association

And Dr. Nguyen Thanh Son – Chairman of Poultry Breeding Association was happy to be present at the Congress. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Son affirmed that the industry occupies the third position in the livestock industry, which is herbivorous cattle and especially the strongly developed dairy industry. Having such an achievement is the policy of the Party and the State, the role of businesses, livestock households and it is impossible not to mention the role of the large cattle breeding association in Vietnam. We highly appreciate the outstanding results of the last 5 years. It is the Association that has gathered and united members, entrepreneurs, scientists, managers, breeders, contributing to building the industry; disseminating science and technology through seminars and training; does a good job of criticizing, together with the Vietnam Livestock Association and the Poultry Breeding Association, regularly reflect the thoughts and aspirations of the farmers, propose mechanisms and policies to make all industries together. develop.

“In the coming time, I hope that the Large Cattle Association and other associations will unite and contribute many opinions in the most honest, fair and accurate way to the Ministry of Agriculture and other agencies. Other functions adjust and have many new policies, creating conditions for the livestock industry to develop sustainably and effectively”, added Dr. Nguyen Thanh Son.

Some other pictures at the Congress:

Mr. Pham Bao Duong – Vice President of Vietnam Academy of Agriculture speaks at the Congress

Dr. Phung The Hai – Head of the Inspection Committee of the Vietnam Large Cattle Breeding Association reports on verifying the delegate status and activities of the Inspection Committee of the Vietnam Large Cattle Breeding Association for the term II (2015 – 2021)

Delegates attending the Congress take souvenir photos

Ha Ngan


Operation direction for the third term (2022-2027) of the Vietnam Large Cattle Breeding Association

In the next term, the Vietnam Large Cattle Breeding Association will continue to consolidate its organization after the Congress, propagandize and disseminate to its members about the guidelines and policies for the development of large cattle breeding. of the Party and State; expanding the scale of operations, admitting more members, especially enterprises, economic organizations, large cattle farms, households and individuals operating in the field of animal husbandry. large cattle, etc. The standing committee meets weekly; The Supervisory Board meets every 6 months; The Board of Directors meets regularly once a year. Monthly, quarterly and annual reports are sent to members of the Association's Executive Committee via email.

Association will establish specialized expert groups, invite leading experts with experience to participate in activities; participate in formulating and contributing to the Party's and State's policies and guidelines, and contributing to legal documents related to professions; contribute, reflect to the agencies, protect the legitimate rights and obligations of the Member Associations and the Association

Regarding scientific research and technical equipment transfer: The Association and its experts register to participate in bidding registration to perform scientific research tasks or transfer technical advances; receive orders for scientific research projects by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Departments of Science and Technology, the Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development, corporations, companies, farms, ... every year. ; participate in scientific research coordination, transfer science and technology progress of topics, technology of Institutes, Universities, Centers, ... Participate in proposing standards, regulations, policies on expertise, on management physical,…; organize national and international seminars; Linking with associations, associations in the country, in the region and in the world…

In terms of financial affairs, the Association continues to operate in accordance with the State's regulations on financial management in associations and associations...