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F1 hybrid cows are easy to raise and can be sold for a good price

26/05/2023 | 3:29

Most F1 hybrid cows (with half the mother's yellow cow blood and half the father's milk cow's blood imported from abroad) have all black fur, which is favored by many dairy farmers in Trang Bang (Tay Ninh). Popularity. Currently, the selling price of a full-grown F1-bred cow far exceeds that of a dairy cow.

F1 hybrid beef of Mr. Le Van Sua's family

Mr. Le Van Sua (58 years old, living in Loc Thuan hamlet, Hung Thuan commune, Trang Bang district) said he has been attached to dairy cows for nearly 20 years. In his barn, there are 20 cows, including 10 F1 hybrid cows.

Mr. Sua said that compared to purebred dairy cows, F1 hybrid cows are much easier to raise. This cow is not picky about food, eats a lot, grows quickly. Although the amount of milk produced daily is less, the quality of milk is higher than that of purebred cows. F1 cows are also more likely to conceive.

In order to breed a high-quality F1 cow, first of all, it is necessary to choose a good-breed golden cow with a lot of milk, including criteria such as: "I am pregnant, have a profitable neck, 4 strong legs, deep groin, 4 broad breasts, obvious abdominal veins. It is best to choose cows that have given birth to 1 litter, milked early in the morning, reaching 6kg or more.

Choose a reputable breeding unit to sow foreign breed cows (USA, France, Australia). Having a good golden mother cow with many milk varieties, crossbreeding with imported dairy cows, later, F1 cows can produce milk from 15kg to 17kg/day.

Mr. Pham Van Cop's family (born in 1975, living in Tan Thuan hamlet, Hung Thuan commune, Trang Bang district) used to raise golden cows for reproduction. Around 2002, Mr. Cop saw that raising dairy cows was more profitable than golden cows, so he bought 6 purebred dairy cows to raise. He also selected three very good golden cows for insemination of breeding dairy cows to create F1 cows.

Currently, his family's dairy farm has more than 40 cows, including more than 20 F1 hybrid cows. An F1 cow that is about 5 months pregnant is sold from 30 to 35 million VND or more. While the price of a heifer is just over 20 million VND for the first time.

It is known that not only the family of Mr. Sua and Mr. Cop, many dairy farmers in Trang Bang also like to raise this cow breed.

Source: Tay Ninh Newspaper